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Garbage nominated in “Best World Stage” category at the 2013 MTV EMAs!


We are so excited to have been nominated at this year’s MTV EMAs in the “Best World Stage” category for our performance at the MTV World Stage in Monterrey, Mexico….Woohoo!

Thanks to all our fans from around the world who came out to support us and to see us perform!

For more info, click here.


Excuse me while I go on a fan rant. There is no other band that I have been following longer than Garbage without losing touch with the connection that I feel towards their music. This song, Control, along with Sugar on NYKOP are my personal favorites. They give me the shivers. I was lucky enough to see them on their Beautiful Garbage tour years ago and then went to an insane amount of shows on the NYKOP tour. Perhaps it was an escapist route between the end of a tumultuous relationship and the end of a job that left me feeling emotionally bankrupt that inspired me to go to a few different states. Or undying love for that band. I don’t know. That album graced me at the most opportune moment to lift my spirits. A few shows after I had met the band (which they are beyond amazing in spirit), Shirley pointed at me and sang the line “maybe I’ll look you in the eye, tell you you don’t want to die”. This was perhaps random but meant the world. Anyways, end rant. I love this band. 

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    Shirley is really great to see live. I kind of talked to her once. By which I screamed my undying love for her when I...
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